Body lotion: 5 side effects

Most of the ingredients used in body lotions have no side effects. However, a person may experience burning, itching, redness and/or irritation. If a person experiences any irritation when applying the product, you should quickly wash it off the skin and stop using it. Here are some drawbacks associated with using body lotions:
Some ingredients in lotions are responsible for the sweet aroma. This applies to flavored moisturizing lotions; as a result of their use on the body, rashes, inflammation or other forms of irritation may occur. Therefore, if such signs appear, you need to stop using lotion.
Bleachers are often used to lighten dark areas of the skin - birthmarks, asthma, age spots, scars or discolored skin. However, such products contain an ingredient called "hydroquinone": while it is effective in cleaning these dark areas, it can lead to skin discoloration. Plus steroids present in bleaching products can lead to the risk of infection and skin thinning.
The use of sunscreen lotions provides a reliable way to protect yourself. A person can enjoy the sunlight without problems. But sunscreen lotions contain dehydroxyacetone, which has side effects: inflammation, dermatitis (a type of rash on the skin), dizziness, cough and fainting (the last 2 side effects can occur in adverse situations in patients, asthma sufferers).
Some lotions contain harmful substances, such as hydantoine. This is a type of preservative used in the production of most cosmetics, part of which are lotions. Gidantoin makes up 20% of cosmetics and personal care products. It is known to cause irritation to the eyes and skin. Gidantoin itself is a carcinogen.
Triethanolamine is an alkaline substance that is known to effectively balance pH levels in various types of lotions and cosmetics. It is considered dangerous and therefore should not be used for long. It is also toxic to the immune system and is the main cause of skin and respiratory irritation cheap viagra.

Can I use body lotion on my face?

The skin of the face is thinner, more sensitive, looks more shiny and has more sebaceous glands, hair follicles and a weaker barrier than any other part of the body. Ideally, a person needs constant care and that is why many people ask, "Can I use body lotions on my face?" Yes, but some factors should be considered before applying a moisturizer to your face. If body lotion contains ingredients such as mineral oil, do not use it on your face as it will be too heavy and can clog pores. Facial moisturizers are designed to remove wrinkles. This feature is not included in typical body lotions.